Coastal Gems

What’s up everybody? This post has been long overdue, and it feels great to finally say that school is out for the summer. After a long semester full of business calculus and sleepless nights studying, it really is refreshing to be able to go out and adventure more often. For the last two weeks since school has been out, I’ve been spending some time back home with my family and friends in the Bay Area. I know it sounds weird to say, but I couldn’t be happier to get a break from San Diego and all the damn palm trees. 

 One of my favorite parts about Northern California in comparison to Southern California definitely has to be some of the beaches. I think a lot of people reading this would argue with me, but I’m personally just a bigger fan of the coastal overcast weather that's native to Northern California and the Bay Area. Last week my buddy Kenny and I hit the road early before the sunrise to drive down to Santa Cruz and check out some of these beautiful beaches. It turned out to be a legendary day full of adventure and exploring. After getting to Santa Cruz, we drove up Highway 1 North the whole way back to the Bay and pulled off the road whenever we saw something that looked cool. Here are some photos from the day, and all the spots we came across on our drive along the coast. I apologize in advance, because these photographs simply do not do these locations any justice, but I tried my best. I also want to mention that I managed to enjoy a sandwich inside of an old military bunker from World War Two. I was starting to get worried about not being able to cross that off my bucket list. Cheers to the beginning of summer and more days like this!

Shark Fin Cove.

What used to be.

WWII Bunker.

This is where I ate that legendary sandwich.

View from the bunker.


Kenny in his field tested Tribe hoodie.