It’s good having friends in high places
— Anastocio

Words and visuals provided by: John Asuncion

I’ve only ever been on two rooftops, both being in SF within a week apart from each other and both in 2015. One being in China Town that everyone has been to and 555. When Omeez, Sam Martin and myself hit the C. T. rooftop, Omeez said it would be awesome to hit that super tall building.... “555”. Then a week later, we got the chance to photograph from the rooftop of 555 at night. After that experience I told Omeez to let me know when he gets another chance to go up there and shoot during the day. 

A few months went by til Meez told me about another opportunity that we had to shoot from 555 during the day... After a little scheduling and waiting for the right weather conditions we were on par to shoot during the best time & conditions. So on a Sunday afternoon I swooped Meez, our homies Chose and Carlo and headed to SF. When we were driving over the San Mateo Bridge, looking over at SF, there were some patches of small clouds hitting the skyline, which we wanted. Once we parked and got to the location, the fog was slowly moving in. We all got in the building, took the long 55 story elevator ride to the rooftop, and walked down this hallway that led to the door that let you on the roof. Opening that door to the roof is a crazy thing, because when you open it and look outside the only two things you see is the sky, and the tip of the TransAmerica building. Then, when you walk to the edge of the roof and look over the ledge, this is what you see..