Adventures in Maui with Guyy Beezy & Mo Dunks

The island of Maui; 727 square miles of densely concentrated landscapes and sceneries that will force you to gaze in wonder. I have been fortunate enough to experience this portion of Hawaii with my family on four separate occasions, and after discovering a number of new photo opportunities this time around it almost gave me a sense of being on a different island. I go by the name of Guyy Beezy, and I consider myself a rebel inspired by everything.

People may question why anyone would want to travel to the same destination multiple vacations in a row instead of going somewhere new. Although thats a valid and legitimate concern, I choose to look at it differently. Envision the concept of loving one thing many ways as opposed to loving many things a single way, as this provides a truly unique perspective. When I travel I like to think that I'm actually living somewhere else temporarily rather than simply "visiting."  Not to mention, I have found it striking to realize the places I go are not so much the ones changing, but instead myself that is. I remember a time when all I used to care about were shopping malls and skateparks. Now my mind has grown and learned to appreciate the land, along with what it has to offer. Malls and skateparks are merely works of man but valleys, mountains, and beaches are the works of, well... I'll let you decide.

If you ever make it out to Maui and you don't end up doing the Road to Hana, it's safe to say that you've played yourself. This mini road trip is arguably one of the best ways to spend an entire day on the island. When you only have a few days to spare like Mo did, its the perfect way to immerse yourself in the tropical Hawaiian environment. Interestingly enough, a majority of my favorite shots from this trip were indeed taken along Hana Highway. Knowing where to stop and park your car is probably the biggest challenge here, but doing a bit of research prior to leaving will prepare you for what's to come. Another thing to keep in mind is when you see a large congregation of mini vans and other tourist vehicles in one spot, chances are there may be something worth seeing.

When you finally arrive in Hana there are a few specific points of interest that I would recommend stopping. Waiʻanapanapa State Park is famous for its black sand beach and is one of the most iconic Hawaiian coastlines featured on postcards and calendars. Next, check out the Hana Ranch Store and grab yourself a six pack of cold ones because if you made it this far I'd say you deserve a toast. Last but not least, pull over at Haleakala State Park and get some last minute exploring in before heading back the way you came.

From 400 foot waterfalls, to rainbows and lava rocks, the island of Maui is truly a remarkable specimen of Mother Nature's beauty. Having the ability to not only capture this beauty, but to be able to share it with all of you, is what gives me my purpose and fulfillment. I hope this place inspires you as much as it has inspired me.