Words and photos provided by Sasan Sayyar

On the 6th of February, 2016 there was a PHAT EDM (electronic dance music) festival held at our Bay Area’s very own Oakland Coliseum. It went by the name of SuperCity50. The event was actually the largest of its kind ever held at the Coliseum. Without releasing further details, I’ll say that I knew one of the people who was helping host the party… So I was there, and I was all access. Even though my primary focus wasn’t on shooting photos but rather just to have a great time with my friends, I rented a Sigma 24mm lens for the day and the performance of it was far beyond my expectations. I managed to get a few dope shots here and there, and I must have lied to about 200 people who asked me, “Where will these pictures be posted?” LOL I lied to em’ all and said they’d be on Don’t call me a liar though, it was just easier to say that than to explain to each and every person that I actually wasn’t being paid for being there and that the photos will just be joining my personal vault of treasures… Anyways, Diplo rocked the house and so did the Chainsmokers. Big ups to Greg for getting me out there, to Neil for recommending that Sigma lens to me, and to all of yall for checkin this out.