Prime Pop-Up Shop

Last Saturday the 18th our good friend Andres Rodriguez AKA Dre had a pop up shop over at Infinite SF where he was debuting his Summer 2016 Prime collection. You know Mike and I had no choice but to get a lil gang together and slide out there to show some love. Anyways, I wasn’t surprised seeing so many heads at the pop up shop once we got there… It was very cool to see everyone there rockin Prime tees & hats and hoodies. Dre’s been killin it ever since I met him a couple years ago, steadily working hard on designs, printing, etc. and the progress definitely shows! Fun fact about Dre & Tribe: Dre is the guy who actually helped us out big time in dialing in & finalizing our original “Tribe” script logo so shouts out to him for that as well. I was being lazy as ever and just enjoying the time spent over there and left all the camera work for Mike, he got some smooth shots of the whole scene, check em out!

P.S. the boy Colby Larson went crazy and carved the SICKEST Prime “feather & bolt” logo out of a big piece of wood and it came out TOO crispy…

P.P.S. On the way to SF, Mike was sayin I’m a crazy driver…  but if you ask me he just doesn’t understand the fact that if you really want to get in & out of the city you’re gonna have to bust some moves!

Words provided by Sasan Sayyar

Photographed by Michael Casatico