A day with Dave...

Words & photographs by who really gives a shit.

Here you'll find photos of Dave doing nothing besides looking badass while making his way around downtown SF, and then into our friend's art display. I always love taking photos of this fool because he, unlike many regular folks, isn't afraid of revealing his soul, nor is he intimidated by the eye of my fat ass camera. This always makes for some cool photographs whenever we meet.

Thinking about having a gallery showcasing only photos of Dave in different places and moods... Have a look!

Dave excited at the start of our journey...

Dave not too excited about riding BART (Bay Area Rides Together).

Dave a little happier about his reefer stick! 

Fresh off the train! 

Serious Dave with the water

Serious Dave enjoying the weather

Stopped by Pete's and one of Dave's friends happened to be the manager, Bob! Bob gave us some big ass lattes for free. 

Dave with his big ass latte, courtesy of Bob the manager from Berkeley. 

Where's Dave

Dave feeling smooth after a fat ass latte.

Dave with amigos at the art display. 

Dave and more amigos at the art display... 

Hoop Dreams..

Dave was finally able to use his reefer sticks... 

Dave happy to be at the liquor store. 

Dave on BART heading home..