Tribe OG Tee Visuals / Lookbook

Words provided by: Michael Casatico, Instagram: @dolla.mike

Photos provided by: Michael Casatico & German Vizcarra, Instagram: @VZmaestro

Model: Marrice Hill

I Took a trip up to Los Angeles over the summer to meet up with my close friends, Marrice “MoDunks" Hill, and German "VZ" Vizcarra to take care of some visuals for the upcoming release of the website. We decided to meet up at this abandoned warehouse located a few miles outside of downtown. This place was rough, and we even ended up having to climb through a busted hole in the wall just to get in. The warehouse was trashed, glass was shattered everywhere, the walls were tattooed in graffiti, and it was just what we were looking for. Props to my buddy MoDunks, because I still do not know how he kept his all white trap fit clean in there; and thank you Lord for protecting us from stray pit bulls. Yeah, just our luck. 

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Photo by German Vizcarra

Trap Lord


SKECH Tire Shop.

Photo by German Vizcarra