San Francisco

Words & visuals provided by: Michael Casatico

Somehow I managed to avoid taking Friday classes this semester, so with President's Day on Monday, the perfect opportunity to go home presented itself. Coincidently, Valentine's Day also happened to fall on the weekend, so my girlfriend and I decided it would be cool to take a little vacation.

We hit the road after class on Thursday, and despite marinating in LA traffic for a few hours, (complimented by frequent pitstops for gas and milk shakes) we finally made it all the way up to the Bay. Started from San Diego, 9 hours later, NOW WE HERE, in beautiful Martinez, California. I’m not sure how many of the people reading this are actually familiar with Martinez or the fact that I’m originally from there, but it’s a cool little town tucked away in the East Bay Area, about 25 to 30 minutes from the big city (San Francisco). My girlfriend, Cassidy, is a SoCal native and has lived in San Diego county her whole life, so every time we get a chance to go explore up north, San Francisco is always at the top of her To-Do list.

Here are some photos I snapped while showing her around the city, as well as some smooth music to listen to from one of my favorite artists, Alexander Spit

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