Domesticated Paradise

Words & Visuals provided by: Marco Soriaga

Last week, my friend Laurel and I decided to make our way down to Malibu to go venture out and shoot around. Having already been to El Matador, I figured we'd head up a little bit more north and check out Leo Carrillo State Beach. Didn't really know what to expect out of this beach but upon arriving we were immediately taken in by such beauteous scenery. We started our trek up this cliff that allowed us to see the beach at a bigger perspective. As we tried to find our way down to the beach I just remember saying, “Damn, this place is fxkin’ gorgeous” a countless number of times... and I’m pretty sure Laurel couldn’t have agreed more. 

The south end of the beach had the lowest of tides I’d seen all winter long. To my surprise the water was not cold AT ALLAs we walked our way through the beach, we encountered a couple coves that provided some soft natural light for me to mess with. I was stoked. 

My favorite part about Leo Carrillo was how serene it was. Majority of the beach had sand that was untouched. No imprints, footprints, or any traces left behind, whatsoever. Type of joint you see only at some private beach out in Hawaii. It was like a mini getaway from the ever chaotic city-life. Anyways, I can keep on rambling about how awesome this place was but I highly suggest paying it a visit sometime in the near future. 

Without further adieu, here are some images I captured that day. Shoutout to Lo for being my muse and much love to the TRIBE family!