From the beach to The City


Words & Visuals provided by: John Asuncion 

March 8th, 2015, started out in Pacifica, CA shooting along side Sam Martin. We only had about an hour of time to kill before pushing to SF to meet up with Meez. Once we got to the Pacifica pier, the conditions were perfect. An overcast day, with light wind, a calm sea and mid 60’s. Kind of a perfect day in Pacifica because it's always cold AF.

 After doing a quick lap at the beach and pier and grabbing a cappuccino, Sam and I left Pacifica and headed to the city to meet w/ Meez. On the drive over Sam was asking what we’re gonna hit up with Meez? The day before while on the phone w/ Meez, he was talking about an abandoned building he scouted the day before. He said it was decently easy to get into and he’d take us there. So I told Sam we'd be hitting up an abandoned building, plus knowing Meez. whenever shooting with him there's always some sort of sketch shit we have to do to get to the location. So once we swooped Meez and got to the location we climbed a fence and climbed through a couple windows and we were in the building. The building was trashed, walking on the floors you felt like you're about to fall through at any given moment.

 Once we got done shooting every square inch of the building we made our way to a good vantage point to shoot magic hour. So we hit up Corona Heights. Ended up hanging out up there for a couple hours, I shot a time-lapse of the fog rolling over Twin Peaks from the beginning of magic hour till dark.

After the time-lapse was finished we left to go get some Mexican food before finishing off the night by hitting some rooftops. Ohhh…..just a heads up, don't eat at (Taqueria El Sol on Geary St.), hands down the worst Mexican food/ service I’ve ever had in the Bay Area. Nothing was fresh and the meat wasn't even cooked. So after that shitty experience we ended the night by hitting a rooftop overlooking the SF skyline. This was actually Sam’s first rooftop and my second ever. It was a chill rooftop, like 12 stories tall with a good 360 view of the city and waterfront. While up there Meez and I were joking back and forth about one day getting photos from the building with the red dot on it to the right of the TransAmerica building. Maybe one day.