Mikolaj x Dan Nguyen

Around this time last year I was up in L.A. taking some photos with my good friend Brittany. After Brittany and I were done shooting, we split up, and while I was walking back to my car I saw this guy on the side of the road painting this massive mural. Long story short, I walked over, snapped some photos and met the artist, Mikolaj. Coincidently, here we are almost a year later of the exact date I met Mikolaj on the side of the road, and I’m taking photos of him and his good friend Dan Nguyen (DEMON SLAYER) painting another mural. 

Here are some photos that document the whole process of the painting from start to finish. Personally, I've never done anything like this before, so I thought it was really cool watching Dan and Mikolaj go back and forth painting together. It was crazy because I initially thought they were going to paint two separate pieces, but instead, they essentially just worked on the whole mural together. The open communication and teamwork paid off and eight hardworking hours later, the blank grey slate canvas, nine floors up on the Hayward Building in DTLA, had turned into a masterpiece.

It’s about time... Same person, same place but at different ages, like a time warp that took us from from kicking a ball at the playground to staring at a late hour of flashing 11:11 on the alarm clock. We find our selves projecting into the future and looking into the past.
— Mikolaj Wyszynski