Hoodie Weather

Self reflecting 

Words provided by Neil Mortensen

Photographs provided by Neil Mortensen & Ryan Wilson

I went out to shoot with my good friend Ryan last Thursday. All in all we covered Muir Woods, Mt. Tam, then to diversify the day a little bit more, we ended at Treasure Island. The weather was overcast, it was raining off and on, and I was exhausted from getting up at 4am for work that day. Despite everything, it was one of the most rewarding days of shooting because of these challenging circumstances. My editing style has been pretty dark lately so the dramatic clouds and foggy landscapes we encountered were perfect subjects. The drama of these dark landscapes looked like something straight out of a movie which resulted in some very cinematic photographs. Honestly, I’ve been a bit sick of the hot weather so a day like this was perfect to cool down for a change. I’m more of a cold weather guy myself so it felt great to be able to wear a sweatshirt with the hood up all day.

Wild oats

My main goal with photography is to create photographs that people can feel instead of just look at. When taking a photo, I try to involve the viewer as much as possible by making them feel like they were there when I took the photo. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these visuals from this moody day in the Bay Area. Until next time. 



Natural architecture

The start of a journey 

From a photographer's perspective

The fog


Photo by Ryan Wilson