Cabo San Lucas

Words & Photographs provided by Taylor Scalise 

The only other country that I've been to outside of the U.S. so far is Mexico. I grew up going just across the border to Rosarito or Ensenada, so it was time to head down the coast of Baja, California. Some friends of mine planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate a few things, and we had an amazing time to say the least. It will probably go down as one of the best trips ever since the whole stay was filled with great times, lost of laughter, and just soaking in the beautiful scenery that Cabo had to offer. I was hesitant to even bring my camera at all but as always, I'm glad I did; even though it got soaked on the boat ride to Lands End. We got dropped off by boat at Pelican Rock beach where we hung out and snorkeled a little. There was also a thunderstorm back across the water with some rare lightning that I'm lucky to have captured at that moment in time. Even though I was drunk for about 5 days straight, I was able to concentrate enough to capture some of the moments from our trip. Here's to the crew that we had down there and to the many more trips to come.

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